German houses made differently, there are many YouTube channels that compares the German houses with the houses in their hometown and their houses always loosing this comparison.

But why? What makes German houses special?

There are tons of reasons, but to me, one of the first reason is that they made in Germany with German quality. It is not sometimes easy to explain this, and will mention in another post about this issue specifically.

And here, we will more focus on a planning of one of the most built German house types, the ‘Doppelhaus’, i.e semi-deteched houses.

There are quite tons of designs and Germans are first taking care of the land and deciding which plan can fit best for it, which is really amazing. However, after checking hundreds of designs and talking with the homeowners, we came up with one simple design that can fit pretty much all the lands.

Here we go:

The first one we will describe is the basement, which is in German ‘Kellergeschoss’:

German basements are unique. You can have your washing systems here, you can have your heating systems here, and while they are there, you can keep your extra food and at the same time you can just enjoy with your family.

There are mostly 4 parts. One of them is used for keeping the heating systems. One of them is keeping the washing machine and drying machine. One of them is for cellar which you can keep your extra food, your freezer or your drinks, all up to you. And one of them is very unique, the hobbyraum which I saw some people are using this room for a cinema room with a nice gaming integration. So, you can use this for watching a movie with your family, or you can play games which is amazing.

And now the one that feels you relaxed, is the ground floor, which is in German ‘Erdgeschoss’:

German ground floors are just the way the response to what people could need. When you arrive the home, the first feeling that you have is you are in your home, right?

What a wonderful feeling it is. Here, German houses are the nirvana for that for sure. You open the door, and you see your family there, you see your garden, you see a nice big ground.

If someone visited you, don’t worry, they will have their own restrooms which they do not need to go to another floors. You have a wonderful garage already, but here there is an extension, a garage for your bikes, yes for your bikes!

German people love cycling. And imagine you are in a country where there are raining and snowing a lot. You do not want to bring your wet bicycle to the basement floor, right? At least my wife would not allow me to put it inside the house when it is dirty! Here is the solution comes. There is another locked place for your bicycles and for your scooters that you can use to keep them.

The time for describing your most loved floor which is the upper floor, called ‘Obergeschoss’ in German:

This floor is unique. Here, your loved kids are living, you are working.

Imagine you have a nice house, what you would look for the most? For me, a room where I can just be there and work without distraction (or with, it depends on your kids).

Here, you will see there are two rooms for kids, and one bathroom. And also, one working room. Which is really simple and really unique. Did you just realize that kids rooms are separated?

Gotcha! Yes, it is :)

Your kids can work in one room and not see the bed, which is amazing to keep them to not want to sleep while studying or working (This happens to me if I try to work in the bedroom)

Now, it is time to describe your floor which is the attic, called ‘Dachgeschoss’ in German:

Germans loves privacy, there is no doubt about that. But they also keep their private life private, even from their kids.

In this floor, you have your bedroom, and you have your own bathroom that can only be reached by your bedroom.

Although when we say German houses, almost every people and even the AI generated images are thinking about houses that have a very iconic roof design. But some houses have terraces, which is wishing by many people as well.

And in this floor, in this design, we have it! You can just go there, sit there, drink there, or eat there while enjoying with German natural beauty. Don’t worry, this is not needed anyone to go from your bedroom.

Do you think that’s all?

Not really, as I already mentioned in the beginning, every people have a different taste of living. Here we come up with the most ideas. Although they are good, houses are old in Germany. When people buy a house, they are mostly using the plan that already existed and always wishing to have something in that house.

Here, we come up with all those wishes and combined them. Hope you liked that, and please feel free to comment your thoughts :)

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